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Many investors and companies have identified water as growth sector for the 21st century. However, achieving successful results in the water industry can often be challenging. Long commercialization timeframes,  technologies that over promise and under deliver, and fierce competition driving down margins all contribute to a difficult  market environment. With Aquamark you can tap into our deep technical and industry experience to help avoid the pitfalls and find success in water.


Dr. Rafael Simon

Dr. Simon has been active in the water industry for over 20 years having been an early member of McKinsey’s cleantech practice; manufacturing plant GM, R&D leader, and COO of one of the most successful water technology companies; and a Partner at a multi-billion dollar silicon valley VC Firm in charge of its water technology practice. He has also founded several cleantech start-ups, served on a dozen Boards of Directors and Technical Advisory Boards, and performed dozens of consulting projects with some of the world’s largest industrial companies and private equity firms. Dr. Simon holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Mineral Engineering from UC Berkeley in 1996.

Aquamark also has a broad network of industry experts and leaders that can be called upon for specific projects as required

What we can do for you


Aquamark has helped over 20 clients prepare detailed lifecycle cost analyses of their products verses competitors, develop engineering feasibility studies for manufacturing plants, and conduct detailed due diligence of new technology concepts. However, Aquamark goes beyond a pure technical analysis as we believe that successful business strategies result from the intersection of technology and industry knowledge:

Deep technology know how

Aquamark has a deep expertise in design, manufacturing, and operations in many of the most widely used water treatment technologies including a wide range of biological and physical water treatment processes (especially membrane manufacturing and applications) as well as biosolids, waste, and residuals management, and many other water treatment technologies for the municipal, industrial, agricultural, and waste sectors.

Broad industry background

Dr. Simon has worked with sales, operations, and manufacturing divisions of companies ranging from pre-revenue start-ups to multi-billion dollar global leaders. He has been analyzing industry trends for past two decades and interacted directly with many of the world's largest water companies as well as dozens of start-ups over the years.

Selected Experience

Product Strategy


Developed membrane manufacturing concepts for several companies including patented new processes

Municipal Consulting


Advised a US municipality on biosolids disposal options 

Technical Due Diligence


Provided technical due diligence support for a top 10 global PE firm

Investment Strategy


 Developed a water technology investment strategy for a top 10 European family office 

M&A Strategy


Identified the best fitting technologies for a top 10 oil & gas companies water strategy

General Engineering Advisory


Performed dozens of other engagements for water companies and investment firms

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